Boxell Aerospace Partners with Commercial Cargo and Passenger Operators for sustained, scheduled, and unscheduled aircraft line maintenance services. 

  • FAA Certified Technicians Available 24/7/365

  • Scheduled Maintenance Checks, RON inspections, and routine servicing

  • Ground Turn Maintenance Support (Meet and Greet)

  • Unscheduled maintenance

  • FAA / DOT Drug and Alcohol Program

  • FAA 145 Certificated Repair Station # 4BXR642B

  • Complement of Calibrated Tooling, Compressed Gases, Consumables, Axle Jacks, and servicing equipment


Team Boxell provides significant value to your operation by:

  • Reducing operator overhead by utilizing existing infrastructure, tooling, and facilities for aircraft maintenance

  • Dedicated Manager for resource and logistics support

  • Managment of Tech Training, Calibrated Tooling, Shelf Life limited  material, inventory, safety program

  • Internal Audit Process to ensure compliance with regulatory and internal requirements

  • Certified FedEx Hazmat Shipping and Handling

  • Lift truck for elevated maintenance/inspections