About Boxell Aerospace


Boxell Aerospace is a Charleston, South Carolina based aviation services and products company.

We specialize in On Call Maintenance, Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Services, and Fleet Line Maintenance. The Boxell Aerospace product staff design and manufacture aircrew equipment and tooling that make the job of flying and maintaining aircraft safer, more comfortable and efficient. 24 hours per day, 365 days per year the Boxell Aerospace team carries out our customers missions by providing AOG Aircraft MaintenanceScheduled and Routine Aircraft Maintenance, and products that ensure a comfortable, safe aircrew. With Boxell Aerospace, truly, Your Mission is Our Mission.  


Core Values & Beliefs

Boxell Aerospace Core Values and Beliefs lay the groundwork for our daily activities and our long term growth and sustainment in the commercial aviation industry.  Above all, all candidates for positions at Boxell Aerospace must demonstrate a thorough understanding of our Core Values and Beliefs.  This position will be filled by a candidate that can demonstrate experience and understanding of working within a team environment.  

Boxell Aerospace is driven by our Core Values and Beliefs which provide no exceptions to Quality, Safety, and Team effort.


Boxell Aerospace:
Our customer’s mission comes first.



Our Customer and the end user are synonymous – this principle drives our daily work and decisions.


Each Member is an integral part of our Team. Sustained and consistent accomplishment of our goals cannot be achieved by the individual alone


There are no exceptions to quality. We provide great products and great services.


We are honest and sincere.  We honor commitments and our Customers’ missions and needs.  We respect our customers and our team members alike.Quality:  There are no exceptions to quality.  We provide great products and great services.


We are a company of business people.  Each Team Member will always think, make sound decisions, and act with a business mindset.  This leads to business success.

We’ve developed a great partnership with Boxell in CHS. They have proven to be professional and dependable while maintaining efficiency; and their response time is excellent around the clock.
— JetBlue Airways Corp